U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is with Firefighter/ EMT Mavis Kennedy of Illinois 

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Members of P.E.R.S. of Illinois discuss PTSD and

other EMS legislative issues with

Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris - 2020

Mavis Kennedy is an Illinois fire fighter, EMT, and member of P.E.R.S. of Illinois.  This summer she had the opportunity to meet with the U. S. Senator from California, Kamala Harris. They discussed issues of post traumatic stress disorder in US soldiers and EMS responders alike. Mavis shared how PTSD has struck close to home in her own family when her son returned from Iraq after serving his country. Those closest to him began to recognize that he was struggling with PTSD and got his the help he needed. "I saw the struggles that my own son went through, and it was the same as what firefighters and paramedics struggle with every day" said Kennedy. She has been supporting legislation proposed by the National Association of EMTs by speaking with Senators and members of Congress in Washington DC. She has joined in with the NAEMT at EMS on the Hill Day and has developed relationships with several U.S. Senators and Congressmen/woman. Mavis has reached out to the Congressional Black Caucus to bring this issue to the forefront for soldiers and first responders. 


The NAEMT has initiatives currently making its way through Washington and local governments. 

Mark Kennedy and Andrew Jackson  Washington DC
Recipients of the Advocate of the Year award

P.E.R.S. Director awarded   EMS Advocate  of the Year 2019

The executive director of professional emergency responders society of Illinois is receiving an advocate award presented to him by EMS director Andrew Jackson of Putnam County Illinois. This award was given to Mark Kennedy by the National Association of EMTs for his work in Washington DC on the SIREN Act. Mark has worked with local, state, and national leaders within EMS and the United States government to secure millions of dollars in funding for training and equipment needed in rural America.

Members of P.E.R.S. & NAEMT meet with LaHood to ask for his support by joining the Congressional EMS Caucus...
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The EMS Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives brings a disciplined focus on EMS issues and forms a bipartisan message in support for the EMS profession nationwide. The Congressional EMS Caucus helps promote, educate, and increase awareness among decision-makers on the federal EMS policy. Congressman LaHood has met each year with EMS professionals during the NAEMT "EMS on the Hill Day" and has become a true supporter of our industry.